Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rinse. Repeat. Recycle

I will freely admit that writers--including me--have favorite bits of dialogue and phrasing that we tend to use a lot.  For a while there, I had a "sag-bellied rat" running through my books, and at other times every gun couldn't be picked up without the hero "slamming the cartridge home."

This video is a clever look at Aaron Sorkin's recycled bits, and it's rather eye-opening.  Makes you appreciate just how influential a writer's words are, doesn't it?  And all this time, I wanted to believe it was the characters speaking . . .   ;-)

HT to Jim Bell for pointing me toward this video.


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Anonymous said...


I've been trying to watch out for that. As we're told: kill your darlings. Now I can see why. It's especially "dangerous" to let them live when they are such snappy lines long remembered. LOL

Thanks to JSB and you, Angie,
Mary Kay