Wednesday, July 05, 2006

BOM: The Editing

To be honest, I don't remember much about the editing process for THE IMMORTAL. I do remember that it was edited by Rick Blanchette, a freelance editor at the time, and he helped me with some Italian lyrics that I had really discombobulated. (I think he went and talked to his Italian neighbors).

One thing that has tickled me since then--Claudia has a boyfriend. He is named Karl in chapter one, and he's Kurt in the rest of the book. Nobody caught the error--until the book came out, of course, and since then dozens of readers have brought the mistake to my attention. I'm pretty sure we fixed the mistake in the recent value edition of the book.

Yes, BTW, THE IMMORTAL is officially out of print in the trade hardcover and softcover editions, but you can find it as a "value edition" for a bargain price. Such is the lifespan of a novel.

Did I mention that "The Immortal" was optioned by Columbia/Tri-Star films at one point? Yes . . . nothing came of it, but the option was nice.

Tomorrow: The Results and Reader Reaction. Don't forget--if you have any questions, post them at any point in the comments section, and I'll answer them on the seventh. Thanks!



Betsy's Thoughts said...

What spiritual lesson did you take from this book?

Deborah said...

speaking of the karl/kurt error, how many people normally proofread a book before it finally goes out? i don't remember seeing many errors in your books (heh i don't even remember that karl/kurt one) but in other books, it's appalling at how many errors there are. it's like no one even proofread at all.
thanks for telling us about the book!