Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Convention Report

I've spent most of the day at the Christian Bookseller's Convention--they call it something else now, but I can never remember the correct name. International Christian Retailers Something or other.

In any case, for a writer the day is filled with meetings, hugs, signings, and walking--miles of it. I saw early promo material for THE NATIVITY STORY book and movie, talked to some editors, and had lunch with some old friends. Had a wonderful dinner at a fantastic restaurant and am ready to call it a day.

Got a call from the hubby about something fun--I am an official Community Columnist for the Tampa Tribune. :-) I submitted a couple of columns a few weeks ago and promptly forgot all about it, but hubby called with the news that I'd been selected from a pool of applicants to be one of several community folks who will write columns over the next year. I figure it'll be a lot like blogging, but with more local interest. :-)

I think I'm as thrilled about my status as a Community Columnist as any book I've ever written.

Two more days, then home again. Wishing you well . . .



michael snyder said...

Congratulations on the new writing position. That's pretty darn cool.

Jim Thompson said...

I jumped to your blog from Tricia Goyer's WriterQuotes. While I didn't find the promised post about first lines, what I did find kept me reading to the bottom of the page. For such a slow reader as myself, that's saying a lot. I loved your surprise comments, as they reminded me to always be vigilant about purging "telling" phrases. As I find time, I'll be back for more.

Ane Mulligan said...

Congratulations, Angie! That's sounds like it would be fun to do. And you'll be good at it.