Monday, July 24, 2006

This is Really Cool!

Though my friend Eva will be happy to hear this, I am sorry to report that Herman the snake has not been in his chair for the last three or four days. Since the lawn guys came the other day, I am desperately afraid that Herman got weed-whacked.

I'll let you know if he shows up again. is the coolest link! On this website you can enter a phone number to call, the number that should appear in the caller ID, the name for the Caller ID, and then you enter a message which will be read by any voice you choose.

From my laptop, I called my house, put HEAVEN in the caller ID, gave a number of 777-777-7777, and told my husband that Heaven was calling to confirm his reservation. (VBG).

What a fun way to send a birthday message! To tell someone you're thinking of them! To remind your children to get home before their curfew!

Hat Tip to Brad Wunderfool's Quirky blog for this tip. How ingenious!


1 comment:

eileen said...

Not sure I'm ready for this call. I'm still trying to get over the celebrity picture! And I won't tell who I looked like! Just say I wish I had $ for plastic surgery.