Monday, July 31, 2006

More Movie News

Though I'm excited about some of my stories being optioned for film, I've learned that LOTS of films are optioned and don't ever get made into movies. So I've learned not to hold my breath.

One of my pals, however, is not only seeing his novel, THE WAGER , made into a movie, but he's playing a part! Bill Myers has grown a beard to play the role of a homeless man who holds up signs in various scenes in the film. (He looks grumpy in the photo, but grumpy is one thing Bill's not.)

THE WAGER, which is currently in production, stars Randy Travis, Jude Ciccolella, Bronson Pinchot, Nancy Valen, and Candace Cameron. (For you 24 fans, Jude Ciccolella played the part of Mike Novick, the president's aide.)

Story synopsis: Michael T. Steel (played by Randy Travis) becomes the participant in a wager between heaven and hell. As a man on top of the world, he has ten days to live every truth in Matthew 5, 6, and 7. Destined to become a classic, The Wager is a Bible study tool in parable form that probes the depths of the Sermon on the Mount and demonstrates how it can be lived.

Before becoming a novelist, Bill majored in filmmaking and has received several awards for his films. Among kids, he's probably best known for his Wally McDoogle series, but he writes adult novels with heart and a passion for ministry. If you've never read his stuff, you're missing out. My faves? Eli, When the Last Leaf Falls, and The Face of God.

When the movie is released, I'll be sure to let you know how you can see it.



vasthi said...

Angie, I loved those too, But his Blood of heaven trilogy--totally wild.

Nici said...

That's cool that he's in the movie! My friend is the director of the movie. It should be an interesting one! :)