Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What a horse!

Kay Day (don't you love her name?) sent me this video.  You might want to grab a tissue. Who knew that a horse and rider routine could be so moving?  



Kathryn Mackel said...


It made my day.

Anonymous said...

This was a surreal moment for me -- a meeting of my two passions: horses and writing. I access your blog regularly because I admire your writing. Today when it started loading up the first thing that showed was the little video window with Stacy Westfall's name -- I thought I'd hit the wrong link! I know of her through my reading about horsemanship.

And as for your question -- all of us whose hearts beat faster when we see a horse already knew how moving such a performance could be, but I still cried -- sobbed -- watching it. Breathtaking to see that kind of oneness between horse and human.

It was the counterpoint to another spectacular horse and rider performance that was circulating on the internet last year -- a freestyle performance at a championship-level dressage competition, set to music and one of the most beautiful things I'd ever witnessed. The horse danced.

Thanks for sharing this, Angie.

Kelli Standish said...

Well. I have absolutely no explanation for why that made me cry like a baby. But... sniff. Where ARE my kleenex?

Connie said...

I was choked up from the beginning, when the announcer's voice broke as he read her dedication. Yep, I was a gonner!

Nicole said...

I flat bawled. My husband teared up, too. Oh my. Having loved horses all my life and worked with Thoroughbreds for over 30 years, this one had me sobbing. Praise the Lord for His beautiful creation.