Saturday, February 09, 2008

Your Life in Six Words?

I love the quote I shared yesterday, and it is true in one sense--we do make choices in life, and what we choose often doesn't measure up to what we planned.  In fact, I feel that way every time I finish a book and mentally compare it to what I had envisioned at the start. 

However--in another sense, the things I write are really only scribbles, because the days of my life are "already written" in the book God designed for me.  In his sovereignty, he is directing my paths and teaching me even through my mistakes. 

There's a new book called NOT QUITE WHAT I WAS PLANNING.  It's a collection of six-word life summaries by writers and speakers, collected by Smith Magazine. 

You can read several six word memoirs from the book here. 

Okay, so you probably know I'm going to ask--can you condense your life up to this point into six words?  Mine would be: "Discovered pen isn't in my hand." 

I asked some writing friends to play the game, and they came up with some hilarious--and moving--six word memoirs.  Here's a sampling: 

Mom to everyone, kills for fun.  --Colleen Coble

Life wasn't exciting, made one up. --DeAnna Dodson

One life. One Lord. Endless stories. --Kathy Herman

Princess by nature with good handbags. --Kristen Billerbeck

Sarcastic Southern belle, lies like kudzu.  --Tammy Alexander

Happy mom outgrew job. Invented another. --Deborah Raney

Born making noise and haven't stopped. --Gail Martin

Love baseball, wrong gender, write instead. --Kathryn Mackel

Lord, just take me to heaven. --Jefferson Scott

Found true love twice, with spice. --Stephanie Whitson Higgins

Dazed/confused most of the time. --Robin Carroll

Got lost. Got found. Got joy.  --Nancy Mehl

Early sprouting writer, late blooming Christian. --Ron Benrey

Lives in two worlds at once.  --Hannah Alexander (Cheryl Hodde)

By God's grace. By God's grace. --Brandilyn Collins

"Your plans?" Ha ha, says God. --Marlo Schalesky. 

My life is not my own. --Wanda Dyson

Life is hard. God is good. --Robin Lee Hatcher

Mom to many, daughter of God. --Sunni Jeffers

Advance learner passing on God's teaching. --Terri Blackstock. 

Catching glimpses of a Distant City--Ann Tatlock. 

Loves life, the Lord, telling stories. --Gayle Roper

Counting temporary costs, anticipating eternal payoffs. --Randy Alcorn. 

Too loud. Too fast. Too blessed. --Tom Morrisey

So . . . what's YOUR six-word memoir?  



Anonymous said...

Haphazard adherence to straight and narrow.

Mocha with Linda said...

Wife/Mom--many hats, one Purpose.

The ones from your friends are great! And you hang out with the coolest people!! My nurse-self was thrilled when I discovered Hannah Alexander's Christian Medical Fiction!!

BJ said...


Bob & Karen Johnston
Jackson, Mississippi

Kathy said...

"Still trying to figure out life" : )

(Or, "Can't believe we have eight kids"!!)

Suzanne said...

Pastors wife trying to stay afloat.

Kay said...

This world is not my home.

Anonymous said...

Praise God in Song and Encouragement! Clyde

Deborah said...

Asian chick who worries too much :)

CrownLaidDown said...

Standing in the Gap for Life

sara said...

Not my plan..and I'm THANKFUL!

shell said...

not about me-all about him

Christy Lockstein said...

Okay, so I'm a little late with this, but it took me this long to come up with mine! :)
Blessed, loved, forgiven = blessing, loving, forgiving