Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Groomer Has it

I discovered Project Runway (reality TV in which fashion designers are given a challenge each week) last season and loved it.  Was lacking something to watch to fill that creative void when I discovered Animal Planet's "Groomer Has It" TV show.  It's exactly like Project Runway, but it features dog groomers!  

LOL!  It's hilarious.  Each week the remaining designers are given a challenge--and it's always far out.  They've had to groom long-haired cats, sheep, puppies, poodles, etc., plus they have "quick snip" challenges that have to do with doggie first aid, doggie fashions, getting along with picky customers, etc.  

I've actually learned a couple of things, but I enjoy rooting for the groomers.  So far I like Jasper.  :-)  The program airs on Saturday nights (and repeats during the week) if you'd like to take a peek.  



Mocha with Linda said...

It never ceases to amaze me the premises for TV shows they come up with! Too funny!

Kay said...

We've watched this a couple of times. When I saw the promo for it the first time I honestly thought it was a joke. Like a spoof commercial for dog shampoo or something. It was so ultra dramatic! LOL

It is more interesting than I expected, but I'm not really into any of those reality shows. My husband likes Top Chef and that one isn't too bad. Much better than Hell's Kitchen, which he also likes.

Lisa said...

My kids are extreme dog lovers, and thought of them when I saw the commercial. I wasn't sure if it would be ok for them though.

Robin Lee Hatcher said...

I've been enjoying this too. I don't know any of the groomers' names so don't know who I'm rooting for. I thought the long-haired cat grooming was a hoot. I used to own Persians so it brought back lots of memories.