Friday, May 08, 2009

An Exceptional Video

You need to gather your family around and watch this--it'll take only five minutes. It's a powerful reminder of what America is and why it matters.



Anonymous said...

I Love Dennis Prager. How very simple it all is ... but such elegant simplicity. May God keep us in His hands during these troubling times. Clyde

Ruthie said...

Wow! Dennis Prager made "The American Experiment" so clear and understandable by explaining American Values. Unfortunately, after today's arrests of Christians for peacefully protesting President Obama's upcoming visit to Notre Dame University, I am beginning to wonder about whether those American Values even exist anymore. We sure need to be in prayer and on our toes these days. Thanks for posting this video; it was refreshing to hear something so positive during such negative times.

LuAnn said...

I finally got a chance to watch this and it's wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing this.