Monday, May 15, 2006

One hundred fifty-eight days

One hundred fifty eight good days . . . that's all it will take for me to reach my healthy eating goal. I figured it up, conservative figures, 1.5 pounds per week, number of weeks divided by pounds, multiplied by days . . . if I can just stick to my plan for one hundred fifty-eight days, I'll make it.

I can write a book in 158 days--shoot, I could write TWO books. :-) (Sorta kidding. I could, but I won't. I'm trying to write slower and better these days.)

And the good thing is it's not all-or-nothing. Because during the 158 days, I'll be reaping benefits along the way. Sliding into capris I haven't worn in two years . . . digging out those cute little sun dresses that are currently up in the guest room closet.

Maybe you can tell that I had a fall-off-the-wagon kind of week. Wedding anniversary, Mother's Day, out of town, you name it. There were a couple of days I couldn't even whip up the desire to eat right.

But today is a new week and a new approach. One hundred fifty-eight days. That's not so many days, you know. Less than half a year. And every day I can scratch one off the calendar and say, "Only one hundred fifty-seven more to go. Then one hundred fifty-six. One hundred fifty-five." The good thing about time is that it DOES pass.

This week's tool is silly but fun. Go to (say hello to Dottie--there's lots of good stuff here), then go to Select and "print selection" so that you've printed out a copy of the little thermometer. Fill in your goals and keep this page on your desk. As you click off your ** number of days, color in your thermometer. It's silly, but fun and highly motivational!

Until next week, take one day at a time. Just eat right for ONE DAY. Then the next day, do it again. :-) I'll be thinking of you.



Anonymous said...

Boy, I needed this - after coming from my parents' house for our Mother's Day celebration, complete with ice cream sundaes. Tomorrow is another day, thank God.

lisa said...

Me too. Zippo pounds for me this week!

Anonymous said...

I will probably be heckled for saying this, but I'm down 10! I've been working really hard to skinny up for the Blue Ridge conference next week. I'm not finished with 10 so I embrace the eat-right-for-today approach.

Diane Viere said...

Great inspiration today!

One day at a a manageable goal.


Southern-fried Fiction said...

Good for you, Angie! The best thing I did for myself (other than start writing full time) was to start going to Curves and adopting a healthy eating lifestyle. I'm rooting for you!

Ruth said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Angie. I needed to read this after major regression this past week.

Amy A. said...

Really late to comment, but wanted to keep up. I entered the next "decade" down on the scale. So nice to see a new number in front!