Monday, May 01, 2006

X Rated--as in Xtra Large?

Pornography: photographs or pictures designed to elicit lust.

Reminds me of that Supreme Court justice who, when the court couldn't pin down a definition of obscenity, said, "I know it when I see it."

Look at that picture of a hamburger. Hmmm, makes you want to run down to the nearest hamburger place and order a double, right? But when it arrives, sitting there on a bare plate, does it look anything like the picture?

Nah. Just like human models, pornographic food photos are airbrushed, colorized, cropped, and designed to make you want something you really shouldn't have.

Too much food.

It's Monday and, as promised, we're going to talk a little bit about healthy eating. I remember doing a mental double-take the first time I heard food advertising described as porn, but the definition really fits. Next time your favorite TV show is on, look at those food commercials--food is steaming, the people eating it are having a great time, the food looks better than it EVER does when it arrives at YOUR table. That's food porn. Designed to make you lust after something you shouldn't have if your belly is full and you are satisfied with your supper.

And when are we most bombarded with food porn? At night, the worst time in the world for a human to eat. If you eat at night, not only does your body not have the time to burn off some of those calories, but the food in your stomach can easily "backtrack" into your esophagus, causing problems with acid reflux, etc. So, whenever possible, try not to eat after seven o'clock and recognize food porn when you see it.

So--how are you doing? Take a moment to let me know. And have a great week!

~~Angie, down two pounds!


Ruth said...

Great post about "food porn"...makes ya stop and think! Doing ok so far. I just "weighed in" and in the last 2 months I've lost about 9 pounds!! Very happy that I've been able to keep that "first 5" off and grow the number. Now my goal is to break the big 1-0!

lisa said...

Down two pounds as well.

A nice little trick I've found is at suppertime (my favorite meal) I can really go wild. But I'm satisfied if I eat modest portions on the meat and the starch (Will's our cook and he's a meat-veggie-starch meal maker) and load up on the vegetables, but ONLY if I make a cup of hot tea RIGHT AWAY and sip that afterwards. Decaf, of course, for me at that time of night. And if I get hungry later on, I drink a diet soda. A lot of people don't recommend that, though.

Reach for a low calorie beverage before reaching for food. That always helps.

Angela said...

Have you seen those new print ads that promote coffee, tea, and diet coke as bona fide sources of water for dieters? That's a new twist!

I love my Diet Coke, but try not to overdo. It's just sweet enough to satisfy those cravings when I'm desperate.

And have you tried those new flavored waters? They're great!


Anonymous said...

Down 1. Not too bad.

Amy A. said...

Down one from last week. Love those flavored waters and my iced tea.

I have been turning food commercials off because they make me think I'm hungry. Never heard it described as porn, but I suppose thats exactly what it is.

Off to make a veggie-laden supper! Good work, everyone.

Leslie said...

I didn't weigh myself so no idea last week and didn't even think about it today...but I walked to work this morning- 1&1/2 miles and about to walk home. 3 miles total-must have lost some weight there somewhere! =)