Wednesday, August 06, 2008

BOM: Results and Reader Reaction

Today's interesting (!) animal: the star-nosed mole. Yikes! 

THEN COMES MARRIAGE got decent reviews and we've received nice comments--especially from those who buy the book to give to sons and daughters as those sons and daughters prepare for marriage. I think one of the key themes of the book is that you can't expect your spouse to read your mind--you have to communicate and say the things that are on your heart. 

I think the market didn't quite know what to do with our little book. It wasn't the usual Bill Myers book, nor was it the usual Angela Hunt book.  It wasn't quite a novel.  A little hybrid novella, certainly, but still a book that I hold dear.  

Bill and I talked about writing a sequel in which Kurt and Heather go through pregnancy and delivery together--and she has the baby while stuck in a car on a ferris wheel!  LOL!  Who knows, maybe we still will write it . . . one day.  

Okay . . . any questions at all?  Ask what you will, and I'll respond tomorrow.  

If this is Wednesday, I'm flying to Philly . . . for the Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference.  I'm also probably working on the plane.  :-(



Anonymous said...

oh, how much fun! you should write the sequel!

Mocha with Linda said...

A ferris wheel?! LOL! To paraphrase a well-known phrase, "if you write it, we will buy."

Lisa said...

Oh, your're going to Philly! Eat a cheesesteak, a Butterscotch Krimpet Tastykake, and some Rita's Italian Ice (I like the Alex's Lemondade the best) for me, ok! Can you tell this girl is missing home. I didn't get to go visit my family this summer like I wanted to, and the withdrawel for foods I can only get there is majorly kicking in. Enjoy your conference!

Lisa said...

Now I'm just plain jealous! My friends have a band called Reilly (Christian symphonic rock) and they're playing in Philly Friday night at World Cafe Live.
I hope you enjoy Philly as much as I do:)