Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Later Gator

Yes, I was about to kiss a gator.  

We do have gators all over the place down here, but I didn't just scoop this one up.  :-)  He was featured in a booth at the bookseller's convention, so I was able to hold him--and that was a first for me! 

Actually, the gator was both heavier and calmer than I expected.  Very heavy! Harry Kraus tried to hold him right after I handed him off, and the gator became quite agitated.  (Harry thought it was because he was nervous on account of having a close encounter with a croc out in Africa. I have no such memories.) 

Anyway, just wanted to share my gator picture.  :-)  As to what else is going on, I am hard at work on the final draft of my WIP, which has yet another new title:  as of today, it's called THE INTRUDER.  I'm working at a 25 page-per-day clip and still adding new scenes . . . 

I've never had a WIP go through so many titles--first it was GHOST, then THE SHADOW, then LET THE DARK COME, and now, THE INTRUDER.  At some point, one of these has to stick.  My editor and I like the last one because it "matches" THE ELEVATOR and THE FACE.  



Leslie said...

It matches a lot of your titles (The Debt, The Canopy, The Pearl, etc...) :)

In fact if I hear a book now that is title "The _" I automatically check to see if its an Angela Hunt book.

Kay Day said...

I like the picture! It looks like he could do some damage with those feet.

Megan DiMaria said...

Well, aren't you the brave girl!

I remember being in elementary school and having to place my hand over photos of alligators, crocodiles and snakes when they were in text books because they gave me the willies. Still do, but now I don't have to block them from view.

Love the title, BTW.

A prisoner of hope,

Mocha with Linda said...

I would be dreaming that gator was The Intruder! You are a braver soul than I.

Love the title. But then I'd buy it if it were titled Angela Hunt's Latest.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that you have never been to "Gatorland", the big tourist trap in Kissimee? When we took our kids there we took pictures of them holding baby gators.