Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Light Display

Amazing Grace Techno - Computer Controlled Christmas Lights from Richard Holdman on Vimeo.

I look at displays like this, then I look at my little string around the doors and roofline . . . and I'll keep my simple string, thank you. :-) This is lovely, but I think it'd drive me batty after a while. What about you?



Mocha with Linda said...

They obviously need a life. :-)

And as much as I love Amazing Grace, I'm not so sure it would be my choice for that light display.

Sherry Kyle said...

Can you imagine being the neighbors! UGH!

I'm all for Christmas lights, but everything in moderation, right?

Anonymous said...

I am getting dizzy! Haha!!!

Anonymous said...

I am speechless and that may or may not be a good thing Can you spell overboard?