Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday in New Orleans

Hubby and I were sitting around our little vacation apartment last night and we realized something--doing nothing is exhausting. We were both wiped out, and we'd done NOTHING all day!

So today we're going to go out and do something, even if our spoiled Florida flesh freezes to death. :-)

My cousin was looking through old photographs and sent me this one. See? I'm Floridian to the bone!

Have a great day!



Leslie said...

Aww...You look like your mother - what a neat picture.

Ruthie said...

...and you were a really cute child too. What a treasure that picture is!

Anonymous said...

What a delightful photo. Your mother is quite the beauty, too. Such a treasure to have the clipping.

Anonymous said...

Whoops! That was from me, but I forgot to sign it ... =( Clyde