Tuesday, December 01, 2009


What do you think? Be kind, because I put this trailer together myself. (And I hope you can't tell!)

It was fun, picking out characters from the thousands of images in clip art I've purchased over the years.




Linda g said...

I am saving this book to read on the airplane on Saturday. I don't know if I can wait after watching this.

Great job putting this together Angie. I just had trouble reading the review at the end. It went by a little too fast.

Anonymous said...

"Angie Hunt begins new career as marketing genius."

Great job, Angie. Very effective photos you've chosen. I especially like the eye, and the pills, and...they're ALL good! Only suggestions I could make--the Pub. Weekly segment scrolled so fast I couldn't read it all the first viewing. And the narrator (ah-hmm) while distinct and easy to understand, could have used a more menacing or "oh-no, it's a catastrophe" voice. But maybe that isn't what you were going for.

I'll definitely send people to see it. Hope it's another smash--and another movie. (Who do we lobby?)

Mary Kay

Angela said...

You are too sweet, Mary Kay. :-) You and Linda are right about the PW review scrolling too quickly.

As to whom to lobby for another movie, I don't know . . . anyone with millions of dollars, I suppose. :-(

It would make a good one, wouldn't it? :-)