Friday, December 18, 2009

Vacation Time . . .

Today, Friday, hubby and I are taking off on a week's vacation. I think I may just curl up in a hotel room with my sore throat and sleep until it doesn't feel sore any more.

We won't be home until Christmas Day, then we'll gather whatever children are around and find someplace that's serving Christmas dinner.

In the mean time . . . New Orleans, here we come!

Not sure if I'll be blogging or not . . . maybe, because I will be taking my computer and camera with me. But if you don't hear from me, know that I'll be praying that you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!



Mocha with Linda said...

Have a wonderful, restful time! And Merry Christmas to you!

Ruthie said...

Have a great time! (You gonna go to the New Orleans Saints game on Saturday night?) Hope your throat gets better really soon!

Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

I just watched The Note. What a fantastic movie about forgiveness.
I hope to share this with friends that have trouble forgiving family members. Thank you so much for your

Anonymous said...

I love you, Mrs Hunt.