Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Home from the Florida Conference

Oops! I'm falling behind on my blog! Got home Sunday from the Florida Christian Writer's Conference, where Nancy Rue and I taught another session of "Nangie." Thanks to director Billie Wilson for a great time at a great conference.

I've attached a picture of my new friend, Calleigh. We ate several meals together, and I was so impressed with her. Her parents drove all the way from Ohio, dropped Calleigh at the conference, and went on to a mini-vacation of their own (parents need those kinds of getaways). And of course Calleigh was in great hands at the conference.

What is a great friend? Someone who will drive home with you, and then help you scrub your house for a real estate showing in a couple of hours. Yep, Nancy did that for me, and I have never appreciated a friend more!

Today it's time to jump into another draft of the WIP: "The Grandma Gene" is now titled "The Fine Art of Insincerity." Titles are meant for changing . . .

But first I have to go to the dentist (grumble, grumble) and get a couple of additional crowns (louder grumble, grumble) because my teeth are cracking (too many bubble gum balls?). I am NOT excited about that part of this day, but one must suffer to have functional teeth . . .

Carry on!



Barbara said...

Sounds like a great time (except the part about the dentist). Do you ever do a writer's conference near Dallas or Oklahoma City?

Mocha with Linda said...

Glad you're back!

Can you send Nancy my way to clean my house?! Nah, forget the house - I'd say "let's go do coffee!"

Hope your dental appointment went well. Watch out for popcorn!

Kathy Cassel said...

It was good to see you at conference. Wanted to talk to you more but with having us all assigned to tables there wasn't a great time to talk to other staff/faculty.

Linda G said...

I found out yesterday that I will need a crown on a tooth that is cracking. The dentist said that the old silver fillings do this. I also need to stop chewing ice.

Unknown said...

I have the perfect answer to your teeth, Angie...get dentures!! LOL Hope all went well at the dentist and you are able to whittle down that draft of your WIP in no time.

Kay Day said...

Our house is on the market, too and I have been incapacitated with back problems. It was wonderful to have some friends come in and clean for me! True friends indeed!

Kindred Heart Writers said...

Lunch on way to FCWC: $7.22.
Spent on books at FCWC: $24.00.
The Nangie class at FCWC: PRICELESS!

Thanks so much for presenting insightful information and helping us dig deeper into our stories. Loved the class!