Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Cadillac Ranch

One of the fun things I was able to do last week in Texas was visit the Cadillac Ranch. Apparently this eccentric millionaire who lives near Amarillo buried several Cadillacs in 1974 . . . in the middle of his wheat field. The cars have been moved once since then, but they're still out in the middle of a wheat field, and people can (and do!) stop by the decorate the cars with graffiti. There's nothing much left to the cars but bare metal, but the paint is so thick you can peel pieces of it away. (If you're dying for more information, you can Google it or read about it here.)

So here is a pictorial reenactment of our afternoon at the Cadillac Ranch--preceded, of course, by a lunch at "The Big Texan," where the food is big and delicious. Loved it. Love Texas. Even love the Cadillacs. ;-)

So if you're ever driving through Amarillo, grab yourself a can of spray paint and have at it! I was painting a simple message: "READ BOOKS!"



Mocha with Linda said...

You definitely had some Texas Panhandle fun! I've seen the Cadillac Ranch several times, but we've never stopped.

And The Big Texan! You did order the 72 oz steak and get your meal free when you finished it, didn't you?! :-)

Kris said...

Been there, done that back in November. The Cadillac Ranch is cool.
When we arrived at the Big Texan, we were seated by about 50 elementary kids adorned with cowboy hats banging on the tables. My first thought was, "Let's get out of here." Luck would have it, the school kids left soon.
We had the opportunity to watch a small guy down the 72 oz. steak, then ask for dessert.
Did you catch the rattle snake in the gift shop? I missed it somehow, probably would have "jumped out of my hide" if I had seen it.
Did you buy any of their fudge? It was to die for!