Wednesday, June 16, 2010


In my book THE NOVELIST, I created "dats"--a cross between dogs and cats.

After watching this video, you might think that Boston Terriers and kitties have a chance of becoming uber compatible. :-)



Anonymous said...

When I was a child, we had a pure white, long-haired cat, Puff, who would relentlessly clean only the black markings on Tipsy, our B/W cocker spaniel. Cute video! Clyde

Sara E. James said...

Angie, there's a part two!

Angela said...

Part 2 is just as cute. Thanks, Sara!


Denise Miller Holmes said...

So sweet. I wonder what will happen when the dog grows up.

Leslie said...

Well substitute the gray cat with a black one and the Boston Terrier with a Terrier - mix and you've got my dog and cat.

People don't believe me - they are so fun to watch.

The trick was to bring them home on the same day - the dog was still a puppy and the cat was either used to dogs or its because she's so laid back that she just accepted the puppy.

One time when the puppy was still really young the cat apparently realized that the food bowel was too far away and she nudged the food bowl all the way to the puppy - so the puppy could eat.

Or when I'd lock the puppy in the bathroom because I'd be gone all day (and she couldn't be allowed to roam the house) I'd come home to find the cat guarding the bathroom door....