Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Apron Update

I'm still sewing aprons . . . and I've figured out what to do with them. I'm working on a book right now that has aprons in it--as a metaphor--and when it comes time to launch the book, I'll have a contest and give aprons away! :-) How that for putting a creative urge to good use?

Anyway, this little movie is silly, but instead of showing you a bunch of pictures, I thought I'd make it a little more interesting.




Anonymous said...

Silly is good. I'm also having fun working on the metaphor. I like the very simple idea of the apron covering up our good things while we make messes in our lives, then we toss all the mess aside when we take the apron off. Would that it were that easy; I'd buy a flock of aprons! Clyde

Judi said...

Love this little movie. My mom wore an apron every day of her life. I can see those aprons now. She also worked for many, many years in a restaurant and school cafeteria and always changed her aprons when she was ready to serve the food. Sweet, sweet memories. Oh, by the way, all of her aprons were handmade.

Unknown said...

My Grandma was a lady
with an apron round her waist.

need to see if i can find the rest of that poem. This stanza was repeated a lot...which is why it sticks in my mind.

(unles my Mom wrote it, but i know it was published, too)

Angie A. said...

Love the aprons - so pretty. I've got some vintage aprons that belonged to my mother-in-law and I love them. They instantly put you in a different, simpler time.

Love the "apron trailer," too. :) Great job on both!

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Your creativity is endless. The aprons are beautiful.
I am an apron wearer when I have my good clothes on. By observing what my other clothes look like after preparing a meal I should wear an apron all the time. :) I can get kind of messy.

Lynda in MO said...

Hey Angie,

I just came across this link on a friend's blog - maybe you have seen it already, but i thought i'd share it: http://www.flirtyaprons.com/

Angela said...

Those flirty aprons are adorable--I think I've seen them on ebay, too. But when I'm baking in the kitchen, flirting is the last thing on my mind! LOL!

Unknown said...

I can't think of an apron that I would be more honored to wear than one created by you! Thanks for the video - I'm not sure when you have time to sew (and paint, and make vid's) and still write the exceptional books that God has blessed you with! Keep them all coming!

Anonymous said...

Very neat creations, Angie. And quite a variety of styles. I'm still in awe of all you do, though no longer so surprised at your amazing energy and creativity. But I'll tell you what I am surprised at--that you have your own dress form! Don't see those in too many parlors!

Mary Kay

Kay Day said...

I love them all! And after a quick glance at my shirt, it seems I should wear an apron when I eat!