Friday, March 04, 2011

Tom Hanks re: Toddlers and tiaras

First, a tip of the hat and many thanks to Robin Lee Hatcher for bringing this video to my attention.

If you've ever watched Toddlers and Tiaras on TV (I think it's on TLC), you'll understand immediately that Tom Hanks and his daughter are doing a parody of the show--and yes, the parents and kids are depicted exactly like that. I've watched the show before, and I'm usually open-mouthed with amazement at the hissy fits and little girls matter-of-factly stating, "I'm the most beautifulest girl in the room, so if I don't win, I'll be MAD." Not all the parents and kids are over the top, of course, but a lot of them are. While I was baking cupcakes the other day I had the show on, and a mom kept saying that her purpose in having a daughter was to have a future Miss America--and she was serious. She was spending thousands of dollars to get her BABY on the pageant track.

I support pageants for older girls and women. But for little girls with false teeth and spray-on tans? What kind of messages are we sending?

Anyway, I thought this parody was wickedly funny. Enjoy!


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Terri L. Gillespie said...

OH. MY. Gosh. I'm laughing so hard. Unfortunately, I've been addicted to TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras for a couple years. Hanks nailed it.

The wig. The mini van glitzed. The water spritzer.

The surprise ending was hysterical!