Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brief check-in

Going to be brief today--have much to do!

Spent yesterday with the "senior saints" of our church--had a great time! We just spent a relaxing time doing a Q&A--they asked questions and I answered! I love the wisdom and fun those folks are so willing to share.

Hard at work on a new project now called "Five Miles South of Peculiar." The title was born when I made it up and mentioned it in a book--I think I had a character reading it--and heaven help me, I can't remember which book it was.

But then a reader wrote me and said, "I can't find 'Five Miles South of Peculiar' anywhere! Is it a real book?" I wrote her back and said no, it wasn't, but now it soon will be! :-)

Several of you have asked about 'the train story'--that one has been sent back to the drawing board and placed on temporary hiatus. I'm going to go back and work on it some more, but I need to get some emotional distance before I jump in again.

So--I need to jump back into my work, so I'm going to have to lay off the aprons and cupcaking for a while, as much as I've enjoyed them. But never fear--the new book will have both aprons and cupcakes in it! (And maybe even a recipe or two!)

Have a lovely day!



Kay Day said...

There's a town called Peculiar in MO. I always thought it would be fun to live in a town called Peculiar.

Sorry to hear about the train story. Can't imagine what could be needing redrawn.

Lori said...

The train story sounded so good! I hope to read it. If anyone can make it all come together, it is you!