Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grab a tissue . . .

The Miraculous Rescue of CiCi from Laura Brody, CPDT on Vimeo.

So sweet. Such a wonderful story.



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Anonymous said...

Precious story, Angie. What a dog, and what a gift. (Is that forehead marking as unusual as it appears to me?) Thank you. I can see why you needed a tissue.

I did, too, but because the story reminded me so of our precious Echo, a dog our son Karl rescued. She could tolerate him, but no one else for over 6 months. When my hubby tried to approach her, her nails tapped a heart-breaking sound as she trembled so she couldn't even keep her feet on the ground.

Echo and I helped each other conquer many fears. And she came to be a joyful, energetic, much-loved dog who grew such courage she ended up saving our son's life when the 2 of them encountered a mama moose in Alaska.

Echo is gone now. Karl still cannot talk about her. And we all miss her terribly. I can't imagine what a hard time I'd have if I weren't allergic and could have gotten rally close to his dogs! I was heartened by your discussion of animals in heaven.

Have a blessed day.
Mary Kay