Sunday, April 01, 2012

Another Day at the SPCA

I made a mistake today--I met this beautiful yellow lab and photographed the dog in a pink ribbon--and learned later that he is a boy.


Anyway, I learned some fascinating things today.  One is that Catahoula Leopard dogs (Jemma) can have "cracked marble" eyes.  Jemma does have one of these eyes.  Cool, huh?

And it's my day for eyes.  Sophie has unusual eyes, and she was the sweetest of the lot today.  I tell you--it's a good thing I'm at my dog limit, or I'd be adding dogs right and left.  I hope someone wonderful adopts this little lady.


Tarylor--a boy. Oops. 

Sophie--aren't her eyes amazing? 

Lacy--she IS a girl.

Jemma, a Catahoula Leopard dog. Very cool. 

Jemma playing with a toy. Love this one!

Bailey, five months old and timid.  Sweet boy.  

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Ronnell Kay Gibson said...

(unsolicited suggestion) next time you are at good will you should pick up a couple old bright colored ties for the boy dogs!