Monday, April 16, 2012

Titanic Party

Some of my neighbors had a wonderful idea--a party to commemorate the Titanic!  So they gave each of us who said we could come an identity of a person who had been on the Titanic. I was Emily Reardon, and my hubby was John Thayer, who didn't survive the sinking (I did.)  We were to come dressed as our person (some of us were first class of course, others were in steerage), and we were also to prepare a dish from the Titanic menu on that last night.

So I made chocolate eclairs with French vanilla ice cream (and the eclair making was another story in itself!), and then we got all dressed up and went to the party.  Because our hosts live around the block, hubby and I walked over in all our finery.

At the party, each of us stood and reenacted, in our "persona," and told about what happened to us before and after April 14, 1912.  Then we ate a lovely meal, then we had live music for entertainment--music that might have been played aboard the ship.  It was a grand time, and they were kind enough to post some photos, which I will share with you.

And then today, I said goodbye to the Grand Baby and went back to work.  :-)



Suzanne said...

How fun! I was contemplating celebrating but thought it might be morbid. I considered a game of Battleship with the family but they all just laughed at me LOL

Ruth Smith said...

Sounds like an interesting evening. My husband went to an antiques and collectibles show and came home with a first edition that was published in 1913 on the Titanic. The fact that so many in steerage died because they loaded the lifeboats by class was not good PR for the English. My grandmother and her family came over in steerage from England earlier in the 1900's.

Southern-fried Fiction said...

What a great idea! I love parties like that. You looked very glamorous, Angie!

Linda G said...

Nothing can get your hubby out of those great looking shoes! You both look great.