Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Dog News

Meet Tasha, Nyla, and Cyrano, my doggies of the day at the SPCA.   The picture of a gentleman and puppy is my friend Jim, who also takes pictures of the SPCA--he loves those dogs. And the lovely redhead with the boxers is my cousin, who also takes pictures of dogs at her local SPCA, which is in another county. My cousin and I have the same personality type, so it's no wonder we like to do the same things.

But, alas, I probably won't be posting as many pictures in the days to come. I need to step back and give someone else a chance to snap some pictures.  :-)

Anyway, here's the morning's work:

My cousin and her grand dogs. 

Photographer Jim and Penny

Lovely Nyla

Cyrano (de Bergerac)


Nyla is missing part of her right leg, but she gets around fine! 
~~Angie, who now needs to get to work! 

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Kathy Cassel said...

When are you starting a delivery service? Lily or Penny would be perfect for Jessica. The same lady who promised her a puppy (and then the puppy "mysteriously" died) called to offer her another puppy and when she went to get it, viola, no puppy. I've told her not to contact Jessica again because it's too hard on her to get jerked around like that. And it's senseless. There's nothing to gain.