Friday, April 27, 2012

Back to the Doggies!

Boy, I can tell that summer is nearly upon us!  This morning I had to sit down after unloading my car at the SPCA--it was HOT!

But I had a busy morning, snapping all kinds of dogs.  Best of all, I snapped a Mastiff mix and felt right at home with this lovely boy.  I don't know what he's "mixed" with, but I think he's 98 percent mastiff.  So lovely and sweet.

All the doggies were sweet today, though not many knew how to sit down.  And the puppies--I brought them in and enlisted a helper to blow bubbles--you know, the kind you blew as a kid.  I thought the puppies would be fascinated by the bubbles, but they barely even looked up.  Huh.  Maybe I'll try it with the kitties next.  :-)

And here is today's--and I see on our SPCA website that there are more dogs to photograph already.  Sigh.  It never ends.

That's the stately mastiff look.  :-) 

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Kay Day said...

When I was a teenager we had a Cocker Spaniel. She was nuts about bubbles. It was like cat nip to a cat! So funny.
All of your pictures are so sweet!