Monday, July 09, 2012

Autographs for Kindle books? Yes!

It had to happen, you know--someone found a way for writers to autograph their books on the kindle.

It's happening at, and it's as simple as typing in the name of the book or the author you're searching for.  If they have supplied a signature for their books, you can have it delivered to your Kindle.

Now--these are not actual signatures, of course, because no disembodied hand is going to visit your Kindle in the middle of the night.  Neither is any writer in their right mind going to send their authorized signature into cyberspace, where it could be used to apply for credit cards and sign up for false mortgages.  But kindle graph does supply a nice signature, and it's cursive writing, not printing, which is more than I can say for the signatures of most students today.  :-)

 A few minutes ago (actually, it took more than an hour), I painstakingly entered the code for all of my Kindle books so this service is available just in case you, or anyone else, wants a nice generic signature for your Kindle edition. So in a way, it does come from me, even though my signature looks nothing like that.

On another note, my mastiff Charley was sick yesterday--let's just say, for the sake of delicacy, that he had an upset tummy.  And got us up twice last night because he had to urgently go outside.  Except that he never made it.

Which means that I spent a lot of yesterday morning cleaning carpets, deodorizing my house, and vacuuming.  And when I took Charley to the vet, yes, he had a genuine infection and will be on medicine.  Poor old guy. He's ten years old, which is getting up there in mastiff years, but he's sweet as sugar and I'd hate to lose him any time soon.

And if you think of it, my son's dog, Shadow, is having his leg amputated this (Tuesday) morning.  He has a malignant tumor on that leg, and my son has decided that he wants to go ahead and give the eleven-year-old dog a shot at a few more years . . . or maybe a few more months.  I tell you, that boy has a heart of gold.  Usually.  :-)

Have a wonderful day!

From the home front,

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Dana McNeely said...

Sorry to hear about your poor sick Mastiff, and your son's dog, too. Hope all works out well.