Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cats at the SPCA

It occurred to me that I might as well put together a book called "Snapping Shelter Cats"--after I photograph more of them and learn how to handle them better.  I shot 11 cats today, and they won't sit on command.  I pretty much sat on the floor and tried to catch them as I could, with mixed results.  I'm sure there's a method; I just have to figure it out.

But here are a few of the shots I got today.  Some very pretty kitty cats out there!

Tomorrow . . . back to work!



Anonymous said...

They all have the same unspoken expression ... "You want me to sit ... on command?" Great shots anyway!!! Clyde

Anonymous said...

Good job, Angie! These are great pics! My favorite is the B/W with the dot on his nose! --SandyM

Deborah Raney said...

I was wondering when cats of the world were going to get equal time! Love it! : )

Kathy Mackel said...

Want to tame the tigers? Try natural catnip. Some cats don't respond but you'll get some roly-poly kitties.