Saturday, October 29, 2005

Glorieta Christian Writers' Conference

Isn't that picture a HOOT? Love it!

I'm writing from the Glorieta Christian Writer's Conference, which is one PACKED conference for writers! Wow. I'm teaching the fiction track and having a ball with lots of folks who are interested in learning to write novels. Wonderful people with great ideas and a heart to reach people through the printed word.

Also here with novelist friends like Gayle Roper, Jim Bell, Steve and Janet Bly, Brandilyn Collins, Lynn Coleman, and -- ha! Today I looked up in my class and saw Randy Singer sitting in front of me! I have no idea why he thought he needed to come to my class, but now I can say (with a giggle) that I helped teach Randy Singer how to write!

In any case, having a great time and looking forward to two more days and then home. Until then,

Remain in grace,


Patt said...

Im hungry looking at this picture and im aveggie.Go figure.

Dianne said...

Cool! I just saw an ad for that conference the other day and thought I'd really like to attend someday.