Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Like You Know?

Whew.  I thought I was enjoying some time "off," but Monday I set out to "kindle-ize" some out of print books (i.e., make them available via the Amazon Kindle reader), and that's been keeping me very busy.  Not only do I have to check the formatting, etc., but I keep finding words that I no longer use  much (like "suddenly") in the old text, and I'm driven to take them out!  

A friend sent me to this You Tube Video, a bit of poetry performed by a teacher. It's funny and profound, like the best humor is.  Enjoy . . . you know?  

(I'm beginning to think all the really opinionated people have moved to blogdom.)



Smilingsal said...

Man, like that was so Real, you know? It like got me, like I connected?

Leslie said...

Dude, that was, like, totally awesome.

Mocha with Linda said...

When I was watching it? I was thinking "This is so true, you know?" Love it!!

And I love his Scrabble shirt, too!

Patti G. said...

"Like" started out as Valley Girl talk, didn't it? Not sure how the "you know" got added. Maybe it was insecurity and the need to have others agree with what one said. The latest that I'm hearing is: "you know what I mean?" or "you know what I'm saying?" at the end of every sentence. So many times I am tempted to say: "no, I don't!"

A Cottage Rose said...

Hi! -- What books are you Kindle-izing? This is exciting! Please, keep us posted!

With love,
Angie in Arkansas

Angela said...

Arkansas Angie asked what I was Kindle-izing:

All five of the Keepers of the Ring series, THE JUSTICE, THE SHADOW WOMEN, THE PROPOSAL, AFTON OF MARGATE CASTLE . . . and I'm having to retype a large portion of THE TROUBADOUR'S QUEST. :-/ They're in the process now. :-)


Dazer Deb in SC said...

So true, you know what I'm saying? Like, I so agree because, well,some uneducated, well, they TALK like this, you know? :o)

Angi said...

I have been eyeing the Kindle. What are your thoughts about it? Know anyone who has it? Likes it/hates it?