Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Techno Marvel Bed

Yes, Patty sent me this video, too. For all you interior designers who can't stand to have a bulky, ugly TV exposed in a room. How cool is this gadget?

(But isn't that screen a little LARGE to be so close to your eyes?)



Mocha with Linda said...

That is pretty nifty!

Christy Lockstein said...

At an Amish auction a few years ago, they were selling the coolest bed. The foot was solid, but when you pressed a button on a remote, the top section rose up in the air and it was a frame for holding a flat screen television. It was phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I could so easily fall into that one. I think I really am a couch (bed) potato at heart. Wonder if it comes with a butler to change the DVDs when needed ... Clyde