Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Elevator Revisited

Time Magazine recently posted a list of YouTube's top 50 videos, and I was surprised to see this one posted as #50. And then, thinking of my book THE ELEVATOR, I felt really sorry for this young man.

I'd seen most of the 50 videos before, but this one was new to me.

What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator for nearly two full days?



Mocha with Linda said...

Wow. The first thing I thought of? Needing a bathroom! I would have worn my iPod battery playing music and games and sung every song I knew and prayed and then freaked out!

Kay Day said...

My first thought is the bathroom need, too.
So, did they know he was in there the whole time? How could they not? The light didn't go off so either someone kept it on or the elevator kept it on.
It would be enough to make me crazy.
My mind would come up with all kinds of scenarios. It wouldn't be good.

Leslie said...

That's when I'm glad I typically have something in my purse to do.

The poor guy. It really makes me think though how horrible that was for him to be in there for 41 hours! Why did it take so long for him to get help. Good thing he wasn't diabetic or dehydrated or something.