Sunday, November 14, 2010

Catching Up

Och! I've fallen behind on me blogging. :-)

Last week went by in a whirl, but I am happy to report that between now and Christmas, I only have to take two more trips! One more trip to Taylor University, and a trip in December to speak at a Christmas tea in California. So now I'm "going under" to focus, because my deadline for this train story is Nov. 30, and I'm right on schedule.

So forgive me for falling behind on my blogging. I did have to remark on this picture, though--this handsome boy was featured in DOG FANCY, and at first all I did was notice his rugged good looks . . . then I laughed aloud at that TONGUE! None of my mastiffs have EVER had a tongue that long. I had a pug whose tongue never seemed to fit into his mouth, but a mastiff? LOL!

Anyway, I'm sure he makes it work. At least I hope he does, or he must bite his tongue a lot.

Yesterday my neighborhood had a community yard sale. I set a few things out and sat there for a couple of hours, but I learned a couple of things:

1). People do not buy NEW books at yard sales. I tried selling some of my stock books at the discounted price of $10, and people acted horrified. "Ten dollars for ONE book?" One lady squealed. Even offering to autograph it for her didn't help.

2.) You cannot even GIVE away basketball cards. My son collected hundreds of them; they're cluttering up one of my closest, and yet my efforts to give them away (in nice plastic page protectors, no less) was for naught.

and finally: 3). The early bird does get the best bargains. By ten o'clock, the good stuff was gone and so was I.

Have a great weekend! And I'd appreciate your prayers as I race toward the finish line on the book tentatively called "Passing Strangers." I'm working very hard, and I certainly hope it's good!



Mocha with Linda said...

I always miss you when you don't post, but I'm certainly not going to complain about you spending time writing books!

I was thinking that The Fine Art of Insincerity was coming out in January and was starting to get excited, then I looked on Amazon and it said May. Phooey!

Carlton H. said...

My son loves basketball cards--has my old collection in plastic protectors! If I was in Fla. instead of KY, I'd snap them up!

Leslie said...

ROFL. Yes, I learned the lesson of "new things" as well - I was selling Premier Designs Jewelry - people didn't even take a second look.

Bonnie Lacy said...

You amaze me! You are right on track for your deadline, you travel, teach us your wonderful tips, family, ... etc. You are awesome! Don't feel bad about not blogging! LOL!