Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stories to Live By

If there's one thing I remember from my year singing with the Re'Generation--besides the music and the friendship--it's Pastor Derric's stories. Life lessons. He taught them to us; he taught them at events where we'd sing and he'd speak. He taught the things he'd learned, and if you've ever heard me teach, you've heard me teach some of the things he taught me.

Pastor Derric has written many books, but he's recently gathered stories from the man who taught HIM, Pastor Orval Butcher, formerly of Skyline Wesleyan Church. These stories have been compiled into a book, CHIPS OFF THE BUTCHER BLOCK, and it's available here. I bought a copy and have incorporated it into my daily devotional time--it's not a book to read quickly, because you'll want to muse and meditate on some of the topics as you go through your day. My husband took my book to church the other day and shared a story in staff devotions--it's that memorable.

So I urge you to get a copy. You'll love it, and the lessons within are worth treasuring and sharing with others.


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This sounds intriguing.