Friday, November 19, 2010

Crazy laws

Did you know that it can be against the law to flirt?

Because I'm hard at work on the WIP (should finish the fourth draft today! Whee!), I'm going to send you to this link, a collection of crazy laws which (if the site can be trusted) are still on the books.




Kay Day said...

Wow. I would love to hear the reasoning behind some of those.
I think the no self-serve gas in NJ is still true. It was 10 or so years ago. I like that law. I hate pumping gas. I don't even know where to find a station around here that will pump it for me.

Linda G said...

While some of these are very amusing, we do not have self serve gas in Oregon. Who in their right mind wants to pump gas in the rain and smell like gas. We pay more for gas when traveling in CA and WA plus there we have to pump it ourselves.

Mocha with Linda said...

I always love reading things like this. Too funny!