Sunday, March 04, 2007

BOM: The Writing

I've just returned from the Florida Christian Writer's Conference and the 20th anniversary celebration . . . what a great time. Got to spend time with friends, too, including Tom Morrisey and Mark Mynheir.

To be honest, I don't remember a lot about writing The Pearl . . . except that it wore me out. Diana goes through a LOT in that story--several major losses, and she doesn't handle them well. So while I didn't actually experience everything Diana did, I sure felt all her grief.

I remember taking my takes to my accountant while I was writing this book. She said something like, "How's the writing going?" I shoved my hair out of my eyes and looked at her like a crazed woman. "Rough."

It wasn't the writing that was hard, it was the living Diana's story.

And to say much more would sort of spoil the book, so I shall zip my lip.

Tomorrow: the editing



Julie said...

Hi Angela,
It was a pleasure to hear you speak at the Florida Christian Writer's Conference.

And who KNEW you could sing opera? What a treat!

Thanks for encouraging a room full of aspiring writers...especially me.

Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

A friend from church, who is also a writer, gave her testimony at our first Lenten Soup Supper the other night. She told how one of her characters took a turn and how she herself tried to keep the character from "going there". Tears covered her face as she discovered she had to allow it to happen. I can now imagine how hard it is for you as the creator, living the story as you write it. God bless you for what you go through to bring us into worlds we might not otherwise experience. Clyde