Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Memorial for Jane on Charis

If it's Tuesday, I'm blogging today at the Charis Connection (see link at right) as a memorial for Jane. I thought it might be nice to let her speak in her own words, so I culled some snippets from old emails she's written me over the years.

Stop by and take a peek. You'll see why she is much-loved.

P.S. I took the day off Monday to go "play" with Travis and Keri, who work for Tyndale House's author relations department. We went putt putt golfing and fed the alligators. Travis and Keri thought I was kidding when I said that yes, there are gators all over the place in our lakes. They know I'm not kidding now.


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Caitriona said...

The land of Gators. Yes, people don't realize that where there is water there very well may be alligators in Southwest Florida.
Any hole in ones from the three of you?

from someone who has lived in southwest Florida 3 times.