Monday, March 05, 2007

Update: What those letters mean


Okay, for those who are unfamiliar with the Myers-Brigg personality profile: The M-BP is an AMAZINGLY accurate personality assessment tool that I use to create characters (and analyze my friends and family). The test, which is relatively simple, involves four basic areas:

People are either an Extroverted or Introverted (E or I)
Intuiters or Sensors (N or S)
Thinkers or Feelers (T or F) and
Judgers or Perceivers (J or P).

There are sixteen possibilities, and you pretty much stay "bent" the same way your entire life. Your Myers-Briggs type has nothing to do with whether you are good or evil, it's just the way you see and react to the world. There are DOZENS of books written about the MB tool; they're all useful and interesting.

Note: the above words aren't defined in the usual way. For instance, most people think I'm extroverted, but the defining question isn't whether or not you're comfortable around people, it's where you go to relax. Would you rather go to a party (E) or to the quiet of your room (I)? Do you make decisions based on information you gather through your senses (S) or from your gut (N)? Do you respond to events primarily with rational thought (T) or with your emotions (F)? And finally, are you a piler (P) or a filer (J)?

You can google "Myers-Briggs" or any of the types (INTJ, ESFP, etc) for more information.



Rachelle said...

Angie, don't know if you've ever heard this particular bit of trivia about M-B but you might be able to use it with a character sometime. People who come out as INFP are strange in that they might, at some points in their life, test EXACTLY the opposite, ESTJ. It's only true with this combination. I researched this because I'm INFP but occasionally would test opposite. I found out I'm not the only one! These are typically people who are extremely close to middle ground on not just one but all four measurements. I don't really understand it, I just know it happens!

Kelli Standish said...

There's a great version of this test that I use for job applicants.

You can find it here:

Oh, and for my fellow ENFJ's check out these links:

Great stuff!