Friday, March 09, 2007

No Wonder Most TV is Lousy

I don't know about you, but I gave up on most TV long ago. There are the occasional gems--I fell in love with Alias and 24, but only after I'd watched a couple of seasons on DVD. I still watch the occasional episode of ER, but if I watch anything else on TV these days, it's usually the news or a movie.

Well . . . I just read that there's a new TV series being developed for (drum roll, please): the Geico caveman/cave people. (What is the proper gender-neutral language?)

That's right, you read it here first. Though the project is still at the rudimentary stages, the plan calls for the comedy to be titled "Cavemen" and focus on a trio of prehistoric characters who battle prejudice in modern-day Atlanta. According to the Wall Street Journal, ABC will pay for the pilot and the show.

Here's the really interesting part: because few people even watch commercials these days (they either fast forward through them or channel surf during the break), the powers that be are coming up with other ways to advertise. The cavemen have been showing up outside ads (though I have seen them plastered on billboards in airports--I suppose that's an ad, isn't it?).

For instance, last month an actor dressed as a caveman showed up at the Academy Awards and attended an after-Oscars bash. Also last month, says the WSJ, a caveman played a round of golf with football analyst Phil Simms during his Super Bowl pregame show.

So--look for a caveman appearing near you. I'm not sure if he'll be there to sell Geico Insurance or his new sitcom.

I miss the gecko.



Anonymous said...

I like the Geckos *and* the cavemen. At least they're different and have personalities!

Both sadly lacking in most of our tv fare.


Anonymous said...

I so miss the gecko . . . the caveman scares me. I am with you Angie! Jeane

Angela said...

I have to admit--my absolute favorite Geico commercials are those which are "translated" by the professionals. LOVE that one with Little Richard!

I howl every time.


Suzanne said...

I love the caveman commercials! Sometimes I even rewind to watch them again they just crack me up. I also love the new Mac commercials. And the "What's in your wallet?" ones are a hoot too.

Maybe I watch too much tv?

Anonymous said...

i miss the gecko, too!

Angi said...

New show I am enjoying on BBC America - Saturday's at 9pm - this week is show 3 (they usually repeat the other 2 shows through out the week) - ROBIN HOOD.