Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Light-fingered and Light-Footed

You may remember that the other day I was moaning about the stink in my house. I finally figured out that it had to be a rat in the attic--a dead rat, that is. And since the stink was coming from the joists between the first and second floors, there wasn't much I could do about it.

Today, though, I was reading in the paper about a man in Waterville, Maine. Seems he has a mouse in his house, and the mouse keeps getting the better of him. Bill Exner has caught this mouse three times, but the mouse keeps escaping. And the last time, the mouse got even--he stole Bill's teeth.

Bill's lower dentures disappeared from his nightstand one night, and he just KNEW the mouse took the things. So they scoured the bedroom and found a tiny mouse house--a hole in the wall. Their daughter's boyfriend came over with a crowbar. They lifted up the baseboard, sawed a hole in the wall, and pretty much destroyed the mouse house--and their bedroom, I would imagine--and sure enough, they found Bill's teeth in the rodent rent-free district.

So--now Bill has his teeth back (sterilized, of course), and occasionally they see the mouse. It comes out to stare at Bill . . . probably coveting those teeth.

You could chew through a lot of walls with man-sized molars.



Anonymous said...

*shudder* You're making me shiver! Now, I'm going to see a mouse around every corner!

Kay Day said...

awww. I think mice are so cute. I hate it when they get in my house because then I have to kill them. They are nasty, disease carrying critters, but they're cute as can be.

I would love to see one wearing dentures. I wonder just what his plan was? To starve the man to death?

Traci DePree said...

This photograph is hilarious! Reminds me of the dogs on Sesame Street all dressed up in assorted costumes and poses.