Thursday, August 21, 2008

Focus Groups?

Some of my writer friends share their WIPs (works in progress) with critique groups or focus groups. That's fine--if they enjoy it, they should keep doing it.  But I've never done that, and I'm not about to start.  Why?  Because humans disagree, and books are part science, part art.  The art part is highly subjective, so I tend to show my WIP to very few people until that puppy is ready to go out into the world. (Talk about a mixed metaphor!) 

I truly believe that passion in the writer evokes passion in the reader--or should, if the writing is well done.  :-)  I think I've told you about the time I told my hubby that I'd decided to write a book about a talking gorilla.  He said (bless him), "That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard." 

Which only made me more determined to write it.  :-)

I found this cute video online.  It does a great job of illustrating the inherent danger (and fun!)  of a focus group.  Enjoy! 

Happy birthday to my son today!  He's 24!  



Mocha with Linda said...

"Does it come in green?" LOL

Happy birthday to your boy! My girl's birthday is tomorrow.

That is a seriously huge dog! I know I've seen pictures before and your video from Regis, but it stuns me every time!

Anonymous said...

I "participated" in a focus group once. After just a few minutes I thought, "Why am I here? Who am I to pass judgment on another person's product?" I think you do just fine, Angie, without that type of outside input. And, of course, the end of the story about "Unspoken" is that it was a tremendously moving tale! Clyde

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Somehow, some people seem to think if they can't critique (code for criticize) someone's work, they have no purpose.

Happy Birthday to your son!

Lisa said...

Man, you dog is huge! Happy birthday to your son! I loved "Unspoken". In fact I think that was the first book of yours I ever read, which started me down the path of catching up and reading everything you've written.

SmilingSally said...

Whatever you're doing, works, so please don't change!

I'm glad that you added, "if the writing is well done." I'm reading one now that wants for a few grammar lessons.

Your dog makes your boy seem much younger. Have you ever written a story with the dog(s) as the major character?

Angela said...

That's an old picture, Sally--but my son hasn't aged very much. :-) And I've thought about writing a book with a dog as the POV character--I've seen it done very effectively. I just haven't hit upon the right idea yet!

I just finished THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN, which was a dog POV book, and it was beautifully done. The dog believed in reincarnation, sigh, but still, I cried buckets.