Thursday, May 21, 2009

For you Twilight Fans (including me)

The other day I opened my email to find a note from one of my editors--a gal who is also a fan of TWILIGHT. She wrote:

You write impossibly fast
Your manuscripts come in freakishly perfect
You can write a complete book in less time than it takes most authors to come up with a simple outline
It’s almost as if you never eat …. or sleep
Your skin is pale, even though you live in Florida year round
I know what you are .....

LOL! I should have responded, "Say it. Out loud." Instead I just told her she was a crack-up.

Okay, so maybe I'm twisted . . . or maybe I was slap-happy from the warm cupcake I'd just eaten when I first watched this video But I thought it was pretty hilarious, especially in the beginning. Ah, the creativity of the young . . .

Another spoof I think is hilarious is called "Movies in Minutes--Twilight."  It's a hoot!  



Holly said...

Oh that is funny!!

Thanks Angela!

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Oh, my sides hurt from laughing! I am definitely going to show that to my husband!

Jen's Journey said...

Too funny...and because of your extraordinary gift, you would probably have placed a laptop in the spot of the cheeseburger, although you couldn't eat it.

Suzanne said...

Very funny. Thanks for sharing!