Monday, May 25, 2009

Lest We Forget

When I traveled with the Re'Generation, we sang a song by Derric Johnson called, "Lest We Forget." It was a powerful reminder of all the men and women--brave patriots--who gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to build and defend this country where people are free to worship, work, and live.

As I waited in line at the Atlanta airport on Thursday, a soldier in fatigues stood behind me in line. A woman came up and offered him a card from the airline--I'm not sure what it was for, maybe a free meal or something--and he thanked her but said he already had one of those. She then smiled and thanked him for his service.

I see a lot of gratitude for our service people when I travel . . . and I'm grateful that people are grateful. I can remember a time when things were different.

May you have a blessed Memorial Day, but I hope you will also take some time to remember . . . lest we forget.


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Mocha with Linda said...

Well said, as always, Angie!

Mat we never forget.