Wednesday, May 06, 2009

New TBO post

I wrote a new post for the Tampa Tribune blog. You can read it here.



Kathy Cassel said...

You go girl!

Sue said...

That was fantastic Angela! Bless you!

jan said...

when we watched the miss usa pageant, i had so hoped that she would not suffer for standing up for her beliefs. it is sad, indeed, at what has happened as a result!
thank you, angela, for speaking up!

Mocha with Linda said...

Eloquently put, Angie!

It slays me how everyone can express their opinion. . .except traditionalists and Christians.

And of course, even a commenter on your article had to stray from the issue - why should we have to compare levels of courage?!

Angela said...

The commenter you referred to, Linda, only proved my point--he accused Carrie of "throwing stones," when she didn't attack anyone. But he can attack her? Sheesh.