Friday, April 20, 2012

Glen Eyrie 2012: Growing, Reaching, Bending

It's that time again--time to think about preparing for Glen Eyrie, the writers' workshop unlike any other!

For the past several years, my writing friends Nancy Rue and Kathy Mackel have joined with me in leading a workshop--not a conference--at beautiful Glen Eyrie in Colorado  Springs.  This year's conference will be held June 10-13, so it's time to think about transportation to the mountains!

What makes this conference different?  First, it's small--we usually average about 50 attendees. Second, you spend most of your time with one specific teacher--and it's your choice.  Most conferences feature a wide variety of teachers, so you hear writer A say she does it this way, then you hear writer B say he does it that way, and you can end up confused. We try to keep that to a minimum because our teachers will give you the whole picture, not just a few bits and pieces.  How's that for consistency?

Third, the writers' workshop at Glen Eyrie is  FUN.  We really encourage bonding among the conferees, and we hope you'll strike up friendships that will continue throughout the year.  We also have fun nights where we all come together to spark our creativity and let off a little nervous energy. And who could forget movie night in our pajamas?

Fourth, Kathy Mackel, screenwriter and novelist extraordinaire, will give individual consultations to the first 40 or so attendees who sign up for one.  So be sure to register early!  Kathy is  also offering an early-bird "Ask Me Anything" session on Saturday night, and a moderated writer's group after mid-afternoon on Sunday.

Fifth, the writers' workshop does NOT only feature female teachers. :-)  In the past we've had James Scott Bell, Alton Gansky, and Bill Myers. This year we've invited cop novelist Mark Mynheir to join us, so he'll be especially talking about writing from a REAL law enforcement officer's point of view.  Mark is wonderful and knowledgeable, and even if you don't take his class you'll enjoy meeting him.

How it works:  On Sunday evening after our dinner together, the official beginning of the workshop, each of the three teachers will present their method and explain what they want to do in their classes.  Then YOU decide which teacher you want to be with for the rest of the sessions.  You will then spend in-depth, intensive time in extra-small groups with a teacher to pick their brains and soak up as much as you can.  In the afternoons we all come together for panel discussions and other fun activities.

And this year, our theme is "Growing, Reaching, Bending"  and here's a picture to shed further light on the theme:

If you've been to Glen Eyrie in the past, why not leave a comment to encourage some others to come?  When you're ready to sign up, here's the official link to Glen Eyrie's registration information:  We already have several people signed up, and we'd love to meet you there!

OPTIONAL sessions with Kathy Mackel:

Saturday Night Early Bird Workshop 6 PM - 8 PM
Let’s talk about your ideas, your worries, your frustrations, your dreams. Let's kick-start the conference!
Sunday Afternoon Writer’s Group  3 PM – 5 PM
Bring a writing sample and read for the group. We’ll gently critique, heartily encourage. If you have nothing to read, come anyway. Critique is an essential part of the craft, a shared experience that builds us all up when done with grace and wisdom.

And now, a big thank you to Jennifer Hardt for sending in these photos of last year's workshop. Thanks, Jennifer!




Anonymous said...

It's been a couple of years now since I attended the workshop at Glen Eyrie, and I'm still basking in the glow of it. You see, I am a Wannabe author. I write and write thoughts and snippets of things I think I want to write about, but I'm afraid I am stuck in that groove and haven't found the time or impetus to push myself to the next level. I took mostly Angie's classes because she is my favorite living author, and I learned a lot from her. She's a great teacher! And the group sessions were great fun, too, with ideas flowing from one creative mind to another, while we students captured as many as we could in that lively atmosphere. Go. Enjoy. Learn. I will be there in spirit, cheering you on your way! Clyde

Kay Day said...

This will by the sixth time I've attended this workshop! It is the highlight of my year.
I always learn more about writing--not just in general, but as it applies to my project. I always find people to connect with. I always make new friends.
I always hear from God.

Sign up! Leave your expectations outside the gate and see what God has for you.

(Growth is my theme for this year!)

Chelsea said...
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Chelsea said...

This year will mark my fourth year at the Writer's "Workshop" and I can't wait! I learn more here every year than all of the creative writing classes I've been in since fourth grade. I was able to meet with Kathy one-on-one last year, with a story I'd just started on at the conference. She encouraged me to run with it, and assured me that it wasn't silly or naive at all. :) I love meeting and reconnecting with friends, reading and writing, praying, walking, and drinking deeply of God's presence. He ALWAYS shows up here. Counting down the days!

Marcia Lee Laycock said...

I loved the relaxed pace and small feel to the conference. Not to mention the great people and excellent training. A great place to work on your WIP. The manuscript I worked on there two years ago was just published. Can't be there this year, but maybe next ... If you're thinking about it, just do it. :)

Jenn H. said...

This will be my second year to attend the workshop and I'm thankful to be going. I had a great time last year and I think th workshop is amazing and a wonderful place for writers of all kinds to gain some experience and knowledge. I love to write and have two manuscripts in the works right now. Getting to go to the workshop helps to keep me focused and teaches me new ways to better myself and my writing. I think this workshop is awesome for anyone stuck in a rut, just starting out or well seasoned in writing. :)

Kay Day said...

Angie, do you know how the early bird is going to work? Do we need to pay an additional fee? Call in a register for it? Do you know the time? There is nothing on their site about it yet.