Tuesday, March 03, 2009

BOM: the Research

I had to snap this photo of Babe and Charley . . . they usually aren't this chummy. :-)

The research for SHE'S IN A BETTER PLACE--I had already done most of the research for the mortuary elements, but I did need to research Gerald's disease. I was fortunate enough to find an online blog written by a man who suffered from the same illness, so I used his blog as a basis for symptoms, treatment, and a timeline.

The only other thing that really required some checking out was the mortuary convention . . . and the products sold there. Fortunately, those things are found easily on the Internet and yes, they're real. We tweaked the names and brands a bit, but that's all.

Also--the issue of large corporations buying up small funeral homes and then walking away with the money from prepaid plans--that's a very real problem. Something to keep in mind if you prepay your funeral expenses. In a sense, "mom and pop" funeral homes remind me of "mom and pop" bookstores--they're vulnerable to takeover by large corporations because the larger companies can buy in bulk, etc. But sometimes you lose the personal touch . . .

Tomorrow: the writing



Smilingsal said...

Your research paid off BIG time. It was a terrific series.

Mocha with Linda said...

You slways do your homework!

So have you become, um, personally acquainted with a casket a la Letitia?!

Angela said...

Actually, Linda--yes.

when I was in college, the youth department always put on this event called "Scare Mare." A "house of death" with a salvation message at the end. Anyway, I volunteered to be put in a coffin, carried through a church meeting, and carried up on stage, where I opened the lid and handed a message to Dr. Falwell. He wasn't expecting anyone to be IN the coffin, so the look on his face was priceless.

And what I remember most about the experience was that the coffin was a snug fit, and the padding on the lid did sort of smash my nose. Which means I must have a very long nose . . . or it was a very low lid. :-)


Patsy said...

I knew I should have gone to college!

Angie you knock me out! I love your style and the magnificent way your mind works. I'm working at revving mine up--I bought hairspray called "Brilliant" and I figure if I spray enuf that lone cell languishing up there might rise up and hand me an announcement!

Love you, Patsy