Saturday, March 21, 2009

Warning about Dogs and Small Children

My cousin Belinda, who is also an animal lover, sent me the following:

Warning! If you have a small child and a dog--particularly if it's one of the "vicious breeds"--you need to consider the warning implicit in the following photograph. It only takes a moment for this kind of damage to be inflicted, so please do not leave your small children alone with your dog!

LOL! I'm still giggling.



Mocha with Linda said...

I got that email from a friend as well. Hilarious!

If your ears are burning, it's because your name is being mentioned at the Expo! The result is always a big smile!! I had a delightful interview/conversation with Deb Raney yesterday as well as Diann Mills, Mary Connealy and I've met others at the ACFW booth.

Terri L. Gillespie said...

Too cute!

Have been reading about Balaam and his donkey. The thing that surprises me is that Balaam wasn't the least bit taken aback that she talked.

sara said...

that is great!!! I needed that smile this morning!

Kimberly said...

Oh that poor sweet dog!

LuAnn said...

Isn't it amazing what some animals will put up with!