Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Countries of the World

Yesterday I had ten fingernails. Today I have none. Why? Because I began a new project yesterday.

HT to Randy Elrod ( ) for pointing me to this "countries I've visited" map. Sometimes I feel well-travelled . . . until I look at how huge the world really is, then I realize I've visited only five percent.

Wish they had a map for "Countries I've researched." I could add a few more to the map in that case.

Thanks, Randy!

~~Angie, still longing for Rome and Tuscany

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Unknown said...

That was interesting...I came in at 11% visited (or lived in--grew up as an MK). And yet, even with these small numbers and the world becoming a "global village," we've had the opportunity to see much more than most. Where I live now, I am often astounded to find people who have never ventured more than a state away from home, let alone out of the country.

Thanks for the link!

Leslie said...

Have you tried a "States" map? I know they are out there. I feel untravelled until I try one of those....USA isn't like Europe where you drive 5 hours and you're in another you in another state. =)

England and Australia are where I really, really want to go =)